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Belly Chair is an innovative and highly ergonomic chair designed to support your body in the optimal position. By aligning you in an upright, half-sitting, half-standing position, Belly Chair carries the entire upper body to keep you comfortable and help prevent back pain.

Inspired by the architect Marco Del Curto, Belly Chair revolutionises physical health and ergonomics in the workplace. Del Curto always drew plans at his desk with his chair turned backwards, sitting almost like a sportsman in a pose such as a hockey keeper or swimmer would adopt. This unique sitting position allows through the belly to support the back, and therefore helps to correctly align the spine to combat and protect against aching back muscles.

Belly Chair is ideal for use in an office or other workplace environment where you spend extensive periods of time sitting in a single position. Ordinary desk chairs can cause pain and strain in both the upper and lower back, as well as in the shoulders, neck and base of the skull. But with Belly Chair, you will be perfectly cradled in a position that not only feels more pleasurable but also aids posture and combats discomfort and damage to the delicate back.

  • Ergonomic office chair, ideal for desk-bound workers
  • Designed in a backwards-facing position for optimal comfort and support
  • Eases you into the correct posture to combat back pain